I’ve Got Your Number : A Review

I’ve Got Your Number – 4.5/5 stars

This is my first ever Sophie Kinsella’s book. I bought it on my local online bookstore simply because I could get a Finding Audrey notepad by buying one of Sophie Kinsella’s books and it was also one of the cheapest. But I was excited to read the book because I’ve been hearing some pretty amazing

things about her as an author. And I don’t regret buying this book at all.

” Synopsis :

This story begins with Poppy losing her engagement ring that was given to her by Magnus, the fiance. She has been looking all over the hotel where it got lost and
couldn’t find it. How unfortunate for Poppy, someone stole her phone when she was looking for signal. Then luckily, she saw a phone in a trash bin in the hotel,
she then looked around and didn’t see anyone searching for a lost phone, soshe took it and claimed it was hers just when the phone rings and the caller, Sam Roxton, told her that that phone
belonged to the caller’s office. But then some things happened, so she get to keep the phone until she finds her engagement ring.”

So, our first female character, Poppy Wyatt, is such a worrier. She literally worries about everything, well most of them were worrying about meeting her fiance’s family
because she felt very inferior and afraid that she would mess up or do something stupid because apparently Magnus’ family is such geniuses and she thinks she’s not very smart.
And she’s also such a ‘do-gooder’. And by a ‘do-gooder’ I meant that she keeps butting into Sam’s businesses and I find that very annoying sometimes but a lot of the times, that also howΒ funny and weird things keep happening to Sam. But overall, I love that Poppy’s also humorous and such an easy-going character. And oh, Poppy’s footnotes are also one of my
favorite part from the book.
Then we have Magnus, the perfect fiance. He’s handsome, a professor, rich, and a genius. I didn’t actually like his character. In fact, there was something very off about him and
I hate how he keept calling Poppy sweets and stuff like that. It made me cringe. And I also think he should’ve stood up more for Poppy in front of his family.
Last but not least, we have Sam Roxton. A cold, mysterious and rigid but charming guy. I’ve liked him since the first time he appeared in the book. Although he was very rigid and cold,
I found those to be his charms (or maybe I’m just biased :’)) Anyways, I really liked how he treated Poppy (though he acted a bit like an arse at first). I really like
his honesty and his character development towards the end, that also what made me fall in love with him.
Overall, this book was amazing. Kinsella definitely lives up the hype around her as an author. I kind of think that the ending was a bit rushed (just a bit) and I actually would love
to see more from our first female and male character, other than that the book was perfection! And I would definitely recommend this to anyone who likes reading something light,
but not too light, and a book with a very good humour and story.



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